A Caravan Machines Information For novices

Beginners to the world of caravan touring are understandably excited by the prospect of life on the open road. They are, also understandably, less excited about the more mundane, but absolutely essential, business of preparing for a successful trip. Many only have a vague idea of what’s required. Often they are guided by what they want to take rather than what they need to take.

If you find yourself in a similar position, then here are some important caravan accessories that, even if not all needed, will give you the peace of mind that being well prepared brings.

Electrical power

Although every place you stop is likely to have adequate power feeds, you don’t want to be dependent on them. If you have your own power supply, you’ll certainly be glad of the fact, if you find yourself staying overnight in a place without power or experiencing a temporary power failure. A battery of 110 AH (ampere-hours) will give you enough power for lights and other electrical Lorry & Truck Cleaning Brushequipment for an extended period. Always make sure the battery is fully charged when not in use. Of course, where possible, you should use the power supply of the caravan park when available, and spare your battery. For that, you need to ensure you have a reasonably long power lead – about 20 metres is sufficient for most situations. Also, take spare batteries for other appliances. A good torch with spare batteries should always be part of your accessories list.

Gas back-up

It’s essential to carry a spare gas bottle that is full and always ready for use, should the need arise. You can easily get refills for gas bottles and there’s no reason for ever finding yourself out of gas.

Water and carriers

These can be for usable clean water and a separate one for waste water. Again, connect to the campsite water supply where available. A seven metre hose is usually sufficient.

Toilet chemicals

You need to ensure a hygienic and odour-free toilet system. There are chemical products available that help with this essential task and are simply added to your flush system. The risk of bad odours permeating the whole caravan is one that most experienced caravan holidaymakers aren’t prepared to take. Follow their lead and ensure you have adequate supplies of chemicals recommended for your particular toilet system.