New Areas Get Popular Among Abu Dhabi Residents

There is a new area in Abu Dhabi that is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations in the United Arab Emirates; and this is no surprise. The Palm Islands of Abu Dhabi have always been known as one of the most lavish places in the world, but with the development of these real estate properties by the Royal Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (RADI), a new area was born. Now, even more people from around the world are visiting this beautiful island paradise.

To start with top real estate companies in Dubai, the Palm Islands is home to some of the finest beaches in the world. Located in the center of the Indian Ocean, the Palm Islands has long had a reputation for being a haven for luxury tourism. Recently though, the number of visitors to this area has seen a drastic increase; mainly due to its proximity to Dubai. So why do new areas get popular among Abu Dhabi residents and tourists? And what makes them stand out from the rest of the city?

The Palm Islands is made up of seven natural islands, which were once part of the Indian Ocean; today they are all part of the State of Abu Dhabi. Located in the south of the Arabian Desert, this area is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world; and in the last few years it has also attracted a large number of foreign investors and property buyers. There are a total of nine beaches in total in the Villas for sale in Dubai, including four that are part of the Kingdom of Abu Dhabi.

But perhaps one of the reasons that new tourists and residents have flocked to this area is its unique beachfront feel. Located on the northern end of the Palm Islands, the Bur Dubai Beach is located on sands that slope gently into the cooler red waters of the Gulf of Oman. One of the best features of this beach is that it is completely separated from the main Bur Dubai Shopping Center, which means that you can enjoy both attractions without having to travel to the other. It also stands proudly on its own, with its own restaurants, hotels, cafes, and leisurely-dotted beaches.

Another popular beach in the new area is Jumeirah Beach. This is another well-planned beachfront destination, being built out over a World Heritage site. The beachfront developments here are designed to create what is described as an ‘apprene’ ambiance for its visitors. This includes several exclusive dining venues, resorts, water parks, golf courses, and a wide array of shops and galleries.

For residents of Abu Dhabi, there are several other places to go and experience the best in local entertainment. There are beaches in the area for residents to swim in as well as for families to visit for some family fun. There are also clubs, pubs, and restaurants in the area. One of the most popular beaches in the area, with a number of tourists and new residents alike, is the Palm Beach. Here, tourists can enjoy the sand, the breeze and the nightlife.

There are also several theme parks in the area, such as the Cedar Point and Wild Wadi Water Park. These are both located in the New Area, adjacent to Palm Beach. Of course, one of the largest attractions to be found in Abu Dhabi is its amazing collection of world-class hotels. The hotels here range from luxury resorts, to economical guesthouses, and even guest houses, making them something for everyone to stay in.

Although it may seem that the beachfront areas of Abu Dhabi may be losing some of their popularity, they are not. Especially in places like Jumeirah, where the city is undergoing rapid growth, the beachfront is set to continue to be popular among residents and foreign tourists alike. Whether you enjoy swimming, sunbathing, relaxing, or just watching the waves crash on the shore, you are sure to find something to do at any of the beaches in the area. Even though the sea is still one of the best ways to cool down during the hot summer months, the new hotels in the area make it easy to stay in while doing something else.