Tips to Buy the Best Smartphone in Cheap Prices

Oppo A5S is one of the latest handsets in the mobile market. It comes from the company named as Spice, which is based in Korea. Before coming up with Oppo A5S, the company had already launched some successful mid-budget phones like the Oppo Easia. This model differs from the earlier models as it comes with an advanced camera and other features that are aimed at increasing the user experience.

The Oppo A5S is placed in the mid-range oppo a5s category of smartphones. It has a large 6.2-inch Super AMOLED display with a water drop feature. The screen has HD+ resolutions and good viewing angles but unfortunately, it doesn’t get too bright when out in the sunshine. Oppo has also decided to go in for the MediaTek Helio PMED SoC to power the phones. MediaTek is a premier supplier of mobile processors in India and works closely with the leading smartphone brands in India like Nokia, Samsung and others.

The battery of the Oppo A5S is also of good quality. It offers up to sixty hours of talk time on a single charge. But this smartphone comes with two batteries which can be used in situations when the primary battery dies down. One of the batteries is replaceable and the other is meant for the use when the primary battery runs out of power. The second battery is a quick charger and charges the handset within fifteen minutes of use. You can remove the removable battery when you don’t need it and simply plug in the primary battery to get full charge.

In this review helpful pros and cons of the Oppo A5S are discussed. This handset comes with a unique dual camera feature that allows you to take pictures both in the gallery and with your friends and snap photos straight from your smartphone. It offers you a fun experience as you can share your pictures and videos straight from your smartphone using the built-in social media networking applications. This feature of the Oppo A5S can also be used for video chatting with your friends and relatives.

The high-end technology of this smartphone is one of the reasons why it is considered as one of the best choices of the users. The impressive display, feb capabilities and impressively fast internet connection rate make it stand among all the other leading smartphones available in the market today. With a sleek design, it is convenient for you to carry it anywhere. However, this amazing handset does come with some disadvantages. The high screen resolution makes it difficult for the users to view videos on its own.

To conclude, the Oppo A5S is considered to be a great value for your money. You can also get the advanced version of this smartphone which offers you a enhanced virtual experience. You can have more features and advanced facilities with this. However, if you want to see a better display in your smartphone, you must buy the Oppo A5S. It has superb display resolution, feb memory support, solid camera support and a powerful processor that gives you high quality videos and photos.