Top 4 best cinemas in Dubai

Top 4 best cinemas in Dubai

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Since Dubai offers every element necessary for a luxurious lifestyle, people who are well off ought to consider it a place to live. Especially if you are a huge fan of theatre and movie cinemas, you should start looking for luxury villas for sale in Dubai. That is because apart from exhilarating amusement parks and the best shopping malls, Dubai also offers its netizens to have the most wonderful cinematic experience.

So even if you are not a permanent resident in the city and just visiting Dubai as a tourist, here is a brief list of some of the most striking cinemas in Dubai, so read on.

The never-ending hype of going to a cinema and watching movies with loved ones along with a bucket of popcorn and nachos is phenomenal, to say the least. So whether you want to watch an Oscar-worthy polarising flick, another Fast and Furious sequel or Disney’s most iconic next phase Marvel cinematic universe, a good cinematic atmosphere can increase your enjoyment level by ten folds. Fortunately, in Dubai, the cinema is perpetually buzzing with all kinds of flicks.

From the alfresco outdoor cinema screenings to places boasting the top Indie movies, the list of Dubai’s most reputable cinemas would guide you to every sort of movie night you fancy. So waste, no more time, choose your spot and book the seat right away.

  1. Cinema Akil

Do you fancy to snuggle down in mismatched cushions and watch an Indie flick in the middle of a movie cinema?

Then you must visit Cinema Akil with the sweetheart of your life, for this one cinema is an independent movie theatre that sits on a converted shipping container in Alserkal Avenue.

This theatre was originally initiated as a pop-up across Dubai and it took nearly four years of struggle and constant hard work to set up a permanent movie home. Now, this is one of the cosiest and independent cinemas in Dubai that hosts around 133 seats and shows a number of independent and unique films every week.

2. Dubai Festival City Mall

There indeed might be two Guinness World Records for breaking the best light and laser shows at the Dubai Festival City Mall. However, there is also an 18-screen Novo Cinema that hosts 4D IMAX inside the shopping centre!

If you are a movie buff who has not tried 4D cinema yet, you need to visit this cinema as soon as possible. There are amazing seats that move along to every action taking place on the screen and the advance technology that further makes sure the audiences smell every scent of the scenes changing in the movie. If you are a movie-freak who likes to have more luxurious experiences, you should head to Dubai’s seven-star experience situated at Novo cinema. This cinema also offers top cuisine as sitting back comfortably on your reclining chair.

3. IMG Worlds of Adventure

Remember those childhood days when your mom used to warn you about a four-eyed monster that roams around at night.  In IMG Worlds of Adventure,

you are required to be that four-eyed monster and pair those eyes with a slack jaw, so you can get the best experience out of Dubai’s largest screen. The Novo cinema inside IMG Worlds of Adventure takes pride in itself for hosting a screen that is 24.4m and boasts a height of 13.8 m. Furthermore, it is wide enough that around 360 guests can comfortably find themselves a room here. The movies shown in this cinema takes the cinematic experience to a whole new height by hosting a 4K laser projection system.

  1. Jebel Ali Village

A dish named “Trash Can Nachos” might not tempt you enough that you tuck it with you to the cinema in Dubai, however in this case it is the most perfect thing to purchase.  The bar at Reel cinema and Guy Fieri’s Kitchen situated in Jebel Ali offers an abundance of massive dishes that you can tuck while watching your favourite blockbuster movie. As for the trash can nachos, they are deliberately made messy to go along with the theme.

Every movie-freak should buy a place at City Walk apartments for sale or get it for rent, because other than these 4 cinemas, Dubai has a number of spots where you can watch the movies like a character living on the screen!