Ways to level up your e-commerce branding



Are you running an e-commerce business and are wondering how you can create a better experience for your customers? Do you want to find out how to make a great impression and keep your customers coming back? Are you on the hunt for effective ways to brand your business? 


When working in e-commerce, we can quickly drown in search engine optimization and conversion rates. While these elements are essential for success, we should not neglect how our business is perceived and how we can create a brand people trust. 


In this article, we will introduce you to three ways you can communicate your brand values and show customer appreciation using custom stickers. Stickers are a great way to generate an immediate effect at a low cost. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Then let’s get started.


  1. Choose premium materials


Highlight the high quality of your product by not only adding simple logo stickers, but by choosing material that will emphasize your brand features. Stickers are not only available in white. Instead, many printing companies offer a huge range of special effect materials. 


These materials come with effects like holographic, glitter, metallic, fluorescent or transparent. This gives you plenty of options to choose from to really find the perfect match for your brand. We love how a holographic or clear label can elevate even the most simple product packaging. 


There are numerous ways you can make these effects work for you. Do you want a colored look? Then add a layer of color on top of the material. Would you like only certain parts of your design to take the effect? Simply ask for white ink to be added between the material and your color of choice to create an opaque look. 


  1. Spread some love


The moment your product arrives at your customer’s home is the first time they have a physical interaction with your brand – make it count. Your shipping boxes can be used to prove to your customers that they have made the right choice trusting your business and to highlight the quality of service you are offering. 


Stickers can help you achieve that. Get a lovely or funny message printed on a sticker (which you can even use to seal your boxes) to already make your customers smile before they open their delivery. This impacts how your brand is perceived and immediately forges positive associations. 

On top of that, it makes your packaging much more shareable. This means that your brand is more likely to end up on your customers’ social media accounts, increasing your reach exponentially – all for the price of a few stickers.


  1. Add stickers with every order


This is one of the most effective ways you can use stickers as an e-commerce business: add them to every order. When bought in bulk, stickers are usually very affordable, which makes this tip feasible. 


The beauty of adding free stickers is that they are not seen as a means of advertising. Instead, we perceived them as a gift, unlocking all the positive emotions associated with gift-giving. Through that, stickers can actually tap into a psychological mechanism called the rule of reciprocity. 

According to this rule, we feel the subconscious desire to return the favor once we are given a gift. In this scenario, this can take the form of a repeat purchase or even a recommendation. If this sounds like something you would like to try out, choose custom vinyl stickers to give your customers the best possible experience as these stickers can be applied to hundreds of surfaces. 


We hope you loved these tips on leveling up your e-commerce branding with custom printed stickers. Are you ready to give them a go? Let us know in the comments below.